In June of 1967 David Stock took on the harvest business his father, uncles and grandfather had started during the “Harvest Brigade” of World War II. The newly married 18 year old was looking for a way to supplement his college expense and his new family. In partnership with his cousin Wayne they harvested wheat from Oklahoma to North Dakota . That business has been ongoing since that June. The education David and his family received is the same today as it was back then. Give the customer  timely value and the integrity you would expect of anyone contracted to do a service.

1967 was also the beginning of our farming venture. In the 40+ years since that spring both our farm and our harvest capacity has grown. Our farm coupled with our harvest operation has the capacity to harvest, process, dry and deliver over 50,000 bushels of corn each day throughout the fall. The farm produces approximately 1.5 million bushels of corn each season.




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